About LVP

Lehigh Valley Poetry is a loose organization of poets in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas who work together to promote local poetry events, workshops, micropresses, arts nonprofits, publications, etc. and function as community builders and advocates for poetry and the arts.

Welcome: All are welcome in this endeavor, and if we haven’t met- please reach out. If you consider yourself a poet and you are in the Lehigh Valley area (broadly applied) then you are welcome to get involved. We can also make you a page in our directory that lists your website, bio, books, etc. Just get in touch. We prefer to do this by request, so we have the information that poets choose.

The websites (like this one) and social media accounts are intended to foster connection and cooperative opportunities for poets.

Goals: Short term goals include support for the poetry and arts communities, creating and maintaining a social media presence, sharing information resources, promoting the events and workshops in the Lehigh Valley, supporting diverse and inclusive environments, and working with current and potential venues.

Long term, we would like to develop resources for poets as a consistent organization with nonprofit status. We would like to support publishing projects, new workspaces and reading opportunities, participation in festivals and community activities, and support poetry for all ages and in all neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley with special attention paid to those who are often under-represented but whose place in our community is valuable.

Respect: We intend to speak openly about community standards and work together to be mindful of safety and barriers to involvement. If there are concerns, feedback, or needs regarding accessibility- we welcome and appreciate not only the discussion but the opportunity to take action if possible.

Concerns, Feedback, Questions: If you have any questions about our activities or our site, please contact E.Lynn Alexander (Lynn) at elynnalexander@gmail.com.

Social Media: Please use the links to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on YouTube. We also welcome your poetry-related content. Let us know who you are, and how to follow and support you.