Easton Book Festival-October 2020

Lehigh Valley Poetry will be supporting and participating in the Easton Book Festival this year starting on October 14. Please note that the regular programs and events during the month of the festival will have different zoom links. You can find all of the Easton Book Festival Events here. We will have the zoom webinar direct links for the Lehigh Valley Poetry sponsored events here on this page below.

The LVP Easton Book Festival 2020 events will be posted individually here on the site for easy sharing, but below is a rundown:

Monday October 19   7:00 PM-8:00 PM EST Virtual Event-Zoom

Booksellers Confessional: Indie Booksellers Talk Shop

In this panel, we invite independent booksellers to share their perspectives and describe the impact of the pandemic. Moderated by E.Lynn Alexander, Panelists include Andy Laties, Karen Lillis, and Darrell Parry. Zoom webinar ID: 82878735432.

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Lehigh Valley Poetry Virtual Salon and Open Mic hosted by E. Lynn Alexander.

Monday October 19 8:30-10:00 PM EST Virtual Event on Zoom

Lehigh Valley Poetry Virtual Salon and Open Mic hosted by Darrell Parry and E.Lynn Alexander. All are welcome to participate in this special Easton Book Festival edition of our weekly virtual salon and open mic. We talk poetry, events, books, and participants are welcome to share a poem or two. This event is hosted on zoom, sign up by indicating interest in the chat when the event begins. You will become a “panelist” on camera with the ability to unmute your microphone and speak. This event will be recorded.

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Stick Figure Poetry hosts this year’s “Wicked Brew” October 22 7:00 PM EST Virtual Event on Zoom. Webinar: 842 6433 5869

This year’s Wicked Brew Poetry Fest will be hosted by Stick Figure Poetry, as part of the virtual festival. Darrell Parry will host featured poets Kailey Tedesco, Chad Frame, Cleveland Wall, E.Lynn Alexander, Cord Moreski, Kendall Bell, Paul Corman Roberts.

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October 26- Lehigh Valley Poetry Virtual Salon 8:30 PM EST
Halloween Edition. Zoom Webinar: 839 4677 3767. Share a poem, short story, dress up, eat candy. All good. Virtual Open Mic.

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“Poetry is Stupid: Change My Mind!” November 2 at 7:00 PM EST

A moderated panel of local poets, exploring the role of poetry and defending the art form. Darrell Parry will facilitate this talk with poets Wayne Benson, Paul Corman Roberts, E.Lynn Alexander, and Cleveland Wall, Nancy Scott, and Sean Hanrahan. Webinar: 860 8777 5042

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“Revolutionary Cento” November 2 at 8:30 PM EST

Lehigh Valley Poetry Salon will host this workshop, open to all, on constructing the cento. In the spirit of the election, the source material will draw from political, revolutionary, and radical texts. Sample source material will be provided in advance, so please follow the links below to register and read the full description.

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*Resource materials will be added to the post, here, before this workshop but are not required.

Rock Reads: Musicians On Books

Tuesday November 10 7:00 PM EST
Zoom Webinar: 822 6055 9193

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Monday November 9 7:00 PM EST Easton Book Festival Zine Panel

Webinar ID: 847 4651 8368 Link To Webinar

Monday November 9 8:30 PM EST Words In The Ward at the Easton Book Festival

Zoom Webinar ID: 830 7035 4344 Link To Webinar


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